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The Best Mushroom Supplements (and How They Work)

04 Oct 2022

Medicinal Mushroom Supplements might be a new secret weapon in well-being. Promising to promote brain function, boost your immune system, improve mood and even fight anxiety, the best mushroom supplements can seem too good to be true. But research shows these adaptogens work!

The Best Mushroom Supplements (and How They Work)

How Do Mushroom Supplements Work?

One of the reasons why so many people are trying mushroom supplements is because they’re simple and straightforward. The best mushroom supplements are just what they sound like: a blend of mushroom extracts, sometimes mixed with vitamins and minerals for added benefits. We love mushroom extracts mixed with CBD for a super-powered supplement!

The mushrooms included in these supplements are usually different than the ones you cook. Some supplement formulas do include shiitake or maitake mushrooms, but many of the benefits come from fungi that have long been used for medicinal purposes in the East (more on these types of mushrooms below).

Also, note that medicinal mushrooms are different than the kind that make you trip; those are psilocybin mushrooms, while these are called adaptogen mushrooms.

What Are the Best Medicinal Mushrooms?

Below are some of the common mushroom varieties you’ll find in the best mushroom supplements, plus their individual benefits as discovered in lab studies and animal testing.

Chaga: Delivering an immune system boost and anti-inflammation powers, chaga mushroom has some proven virtues and has been used by humans for centuries.

Reishi: For mood stabilisation and immune health, turn to supplements with reishi mushroom. Studies indicate that the fungus can help lessen anxiety and depression symptoms and balance energy levels.

Lion’s Mane: One of the most potent medicinal mushrooms, Lion’s Mane has a range of benefits from inflammation reduction to immunity-boosting and anxiety treatment.

Cordyceps: Cordyceps fungus is uniquely effective for boosting energy, both mentally and physically. It does this by helping the cardiovascular system utilise oxygen more efficiently, thereby upping athletic performance and alertness.

Why Choose Mushroom Supplements?

Eastern medicine has made use of medicinal mushrooms for millennia, and Western medicine is finally catching up. New studies are proving that mushrooms’ purported superpowers are likely real, such as their ability to treat, and even prevent cancer.

But the best mushroom supplements can also lend day-to-day benefits like better brain function, a healthier immune system, more energy, and better sleep. For the most part, different benefits come from different kinds of medicinal mushrooms, which is why mushroom supplements are so great: by combining multiple mushrooms in one, the best mushroom supplements lend a myriad of health advantages.

Plus, unlike many prescription medications, mushroom supplements are very safe. As a natural medicine, the best mushroom supplements typically have minimal, if any side effects.

What Are the Best Mushroom Supplements?

Looking to reap the benefits of medicinal mushrooms? Read on for the best mushroom supplements to buy in the UK right now.

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Rita Smith - October 04 2022

Im looking forward to trying the chocolate sounds that it has a lot of good things in it and it’s chocolate so what more could I ask for

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